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Yesterday at 9:42 pm
Wheat flour 420 g
Butter 400 g

Sour cream 200 g
Salt 1 pinch
Chicken egg 2 PCs
Milk 250 ml
Sugar 150 g
Vanilla sugar 1 pinch

Step 1.
The cake is not cheap, still and butter “leaves” many, sour cream… All the products are, of course, is to take good quality. The cake turns out tasty and to cook it is not so difficult. Cooked it for the second time and decided to increase the amount of cream to cake was juicier. Bring products in their original form, but I will comment where I made changes.
Step 2.
Flour (350 g) sift into a bowl, add salt, stir, add butter (200 g), diced.
Step 3.
Grind into crumbs. Add to the dough sour cream (200 g), soft hands knead, stick some dough. The dough should be homogeneous.
Step 4.
Be divided into 6 parts (approximately 120 g each), to form 6 balls and 2 to 4 hours to put them in the fridge.
Step 5.
Roll out the first ball on the table, sprinkled with flour. You want the cake layer was uniform in thickness. Size – about 30 cm in diameter. Geometric accuracy of acquiesce on the right, the main thing – exact same thickness. Using the rolling pin to transfer the dough on a baking sheet, prick with a fork. Bake. At 180-190 degrees for about 15 minutes. I like to make cakes of different degrees of “Browning” to the cake in the cut was uneven. Each finished cake must be cooled separately from each other. the cooled cakes can be collected a pile and store up to several days.
Step 6.
Prepare the cream. All products for the cream, except butter, increased in 1.5 times. That was enough to get the cake with the desired humidity. Beat 2 eggs (took 3 pieces) with 75 g of sugar (take 100 g). Add 70 g of flour (took 105 g). Stir to obtain a homogeneous mass.
Step 7.
Add a little milk (just used 375 ml). Mix. The rest of the milk to combine in a separate saucepan with the remaining sugar (I had 125 g). Bring to a boil. A thin stream pour the hot milk syrup into the egg mixture. Itself constantly need to stir. The resulting mass to heat until thickened, continuing to stir. Cool, paragnost cover the cream with cling film to not savedlevels. In the cooled cream add soft butter (here followed the recipe, took 200 grams). Mix.
Step 8.
Cakes to trim, using a flat plate as a template. Cakes sandwiching cream. Scraps from cakes chopped with a knife into chips and sprinkle the top of the cake.
Step 9.
Put the cake overnight in the refrigerator. Before serving you need a little hold at room temperture, so the cake will be softer.
Step 10.
Enjoy your tea!

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