Cake “Poppy”



room t eggs (separate whites from yolks) 4 PCs
sugar 100 g
flour 100 g
dry poppy seeds 130 g
vanilla 1 g
butter (melted and cooled) 100 g
yolk 6 PCs
cream 35% ( can be milk, but cream is better to lower fat content ) 600 ml
sugar 110 g
vanilla 1 g
For the glaze:
dark chocolate 75 g
butter 40 g
form 20 cm in diameter, the bottom lay baking paper


Very tasty and unusual cake my friend from Kyiv, Ukraine Alla, it is not difficult to prepare! I recently read online that the poppy is considered the traditional Ukrainian condiment on the holiday table, and just for tea! A hundred years ago our ancestors Mack added not only in the festive Christmas pudding, dumplings and pies, and spiced black seeds, say, boiled potatoes. Now the Mac has taken its place mostly in baking — and it tastes so good!Biscuit:
Products for sponge cake is better to prepare and weigh in advance

The whisk yolks with half of the sugar with a mixer on high speed until smooth, white, and fluffy.
In a separate bowl whisk the whites with the remaining sugar.
In the third bowl mix the dry ingredients – the flour, the dry poppy seeds and vanilla sugar.
In a bowl, where he usualis yolks, in three divided doses alternately spread the beaten egg whites and add dry flour mixture and poppy.

Very carefully so as not settled proteins, kneaded by spatula, gradually adding the melted butter. Do not mix long!!! Needs to be very air mass.

In the form of sponge cake spread biscuit mass and bake at 175-180″C to dry splinter, about 40-45 minutes.

To get ready the cake and let it cool slightly in the form.
To release the cake from the mold.

To turn upside down and cut horizontally into 4 Korzh.

In a saucepan grind whisk until smooth yolks with sugar and vanilla.

In other bring to the boil the cream.
Once the cream is boiling, slowly pour them into the yolks, stirring constantly with a whisk.
Place on a small fire and, without boiling and stirring constantly, we can have the mass of a consistence of liquid sour cream. Remove from the heat.

At the bottom of the pan covered with cling film to place the first cake layer and plenty of water with hot cream

Continue to alternate cake with cream.. cream Finish.
Leave on for 1 hour at room temperature ( hours after I put it in the fridge until the morning).
The finished cake, turn over onto a plate so the bottom is on top.

Pour glaze, which is to prepare melt the chocolate with butter on a steam bath and cooled.
To give glaze to harden and decorate the cake.

Help yourself!

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