Cake “Nut”

We need:
Chicken eggs – 4-5 pieces;
Milk – 1/3 Cup;

Wheat flour – 85 grams;
Potato starch is 20 grams;
Sugar – 100 grams + 112 grams + 1 Cup;
Butter – 250 grams;
Brandy – 15 grams;
Water 112 ml;
Apricot jam – 6-8 tablespoons;
Walnuts – 150 grams;
Canned peaches (halves) – 350-400 grams;
Vanilla essence – 1 tablespoon;
Vanilla sugar – 1 tablespoon;
Salt, soda – pinch.

For the sponge cake, beat in a lush lather of 3.5 eggs (4 proteins and 3 yolks) with sugar (100 grams), starch, baking soda and vanilla sugar, so that the trace of the finger did not sail.
Add the sifted flour, stir with a spatula and pour in paper-covered form in diameter 22 see Bake in the oven until the tests on the “dry stick” at a temperature of 180 degrees.
Sponge cake to cool and cut into 2 Korzh.
Boil the syrup. Sugar (112 grams) mix with water and brandy and warm on the stove until boiling and sugar is dissolved. Cool.
For the cream boil the mash one Cup of sugar, eggs and milk. Beat the softened butter and vanilla essence until smooth.
Nuts to dry on a dry pan, lay a few beautiful halves for decoration, the other pound in a mortar.
The cake impregnated with syrup,brush with cream, cover with second Korzh,it also be impregnated with syrup (do not pour the remains!) and pour over apricot jam (2 tablespoons of the jam to leave).
Sides of cake also coat the cream (leave a little cream for decoration).
The cake to cool, put on it sliced halves peaches pour the marmalade, heated with a couple tablespoons of the remaining syrup and again put in the refrigerator to cool.
Sides of cake sprinkle with nuts, top to make a border of remaining cream and decorate it with halves of nuts.

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