Cake “Gypsy”


For the cake:

● sugar – 2 cups
● cocoa powder (only a real, bitter!) – 2 tablespoons
● eggs – 4 PCs.
● low-fat sour cream or natural yoghurt – 2 cups (400-450 gr.)
● flour – 3 cups
● soda – 1 tsp
● vinegar – 1 tablespoon

For the cream:
● butter – 200 gr.
● boiled condensed milk (milk, not “milk-plant product”!) – 1 can (about 350 gr.)
● cocoa powder to 1.5 tablespoons
● milk – 3-5 tablespoons of

For impregnation:
● strong brewed sweet tea (almost welding) – 1 Cup
● a little bit of spirits – brandy, vodka

Mix sugar, cocoa, eggs, yogurt, sour cream, add flour and thoroughly stir them, to test no more lumps and white spots of flour.Continue to repay soda vinegar and stir them into the batter. Then immediately pour the batter (it becomes quite liquid) into a greased form.Putting the pan in the oven and bake at t 180* C. for about 30-40 minutes, until tender.The finished cake to remove from the oven, cool and remove from forms. To prepare the cream. Mix the butter and boiled condensed milk. Then dissolve cocoa in warm milk and add in cream. Again all thoroughly. The cream is ready! With a sharp knife to cut cooled cake into three cake-pucks.

To make impregnation for cake, mix of strong sweet tea and any alcohol. Perfect cherry liqueur (sugar in tea then do not add). And you can just mix vodka with cherry jam. Carefully using a teaspoon to impregnate the lower crust. Then spread on the cream a little less than half of the total.Over the cream put berries cherries – fresh or canned. Then cover the bottom of the second cake layer and repeat procedure. Leave a little cream to lubricate the top.Brush the top crust with cream, sprinkle with grated chocolate and decorate with berries.

Bon appetit!

Sand cake with cream cheese