Cake “Gentle kiss”


For the dough:

the egg yolks or five pieces.
1 Cup sugar
butter – 200 grams
sour cream – 200 grams
wheat flour – 2 cups
soda – 1/4 tsp
vanillin – on the tip of a knife

For the cream:

thick cream – 1 Cup
sugar – 1/2 Cup
toasted chopped walnuts – 1 1/2 cups
berry syrup – two tablespoons

The way of cooking recipe of a Cake “a Gentle kiss”

Yolks pound with sugar until white. Add butter, sour cream, salt, diluted in hot water few drops of vanilla, whip. Add the sifted flour mixed with soda, mix.
Put the dough in a greased form, bake the cake for 15-20 minutes at 180-200° C, let it cool down.

For the cream whip cream with sugar. Add nuts and mix.

The cake will popitem syrup, mixed with the same amount of cold boiled water, coat the cream.

Before serving, decorate the cake slices of chocolate and berries.

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