Cake “Frost”

Gelatin 15 g or 2 tablespoons.
Cottage cheese 0.5 kg.

Sugar 200 g
Sour cream 200 g
Milk 1 Cup
Walnuts 5 pieces.
Dried apricots 5 pieces
The apples I Have in this layout, the two middle products fruit left.
Soak gelatin in milk for 45 to 60 minutes.
After, we put it on the fire and stir, without boiling, and heated.
Remove and set to cool.
Pour into the bowl and add the cottage cheese, sugar, sour cream, grated nuts, pieces of dried apricots.
All carefully mix.
In the prepared form at the bottom of the stacked thinly sliced pieces of apples.
Apply a layer of pulp and repeat the trick with the Apple. Finishing with a layer of curds
Hide 1 hour in the refrigerator. Take it out and the mold briefly in hot water to dip. Now safely turn on the dish. That’s all. I decorated a kiwi, and apricots.
You can cut a snowflake and laid it on top sprinkle with grated nut, or chocolate, and removing it, get a white snowball.

Festive chocolate cake - soft chocolate sponge cake, vanilla and butter cream.
Chocolate cake with chocolate pumpkin cream