Cake “Dark night”

For sponge cake:
3 eggs;
1 Cup sugar;

220 ml kefir;
1 tsp. of baking soda;
2 cups flour;
3 tbsp cocoa.

For the cream:
450 g sour cream (25%);
200 g of powdered sugar.
prunes 200 g;
chocolate for decoration.
Beat eggs with sugar. Add buttermilk mixed with soda.
Add the cocoa and flour.
The finished dough pour in a bowl multivarki and bake on Baking mode 70 minutes.
The finished cake to take out with the bowl for cooking for a couple. Cool. Cut into 3 cakes.
Whip cream with powdered sugar. Fluff cream cakes, spreading on cream chopped prunes. If prunes too dry, pre-soak in boiling water.
The finished cake “Dark night” to decorate the chocolate. Remove in the cold for impregnation.

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