(The cooking time — 60 minutes)
sugar — 150 gr.

egg — 5 pieces (240 gr.)
butter — 25 gr.
nuts (hazelnuts), toasted — 30g.
flour — 160 gr.

For the cream:
butter — 192 gr.
nuts (hazelnuts)
boiled — 30 g.
the yolk is 2.5 units (50 gr.)
condensed milk is 114 gr.
vanilla sugar — ½ tsp
water — 50 ml

For the glaze:
milk chocolate — 100 gr.
vegetable oil — 10 gr.
powdered sugar for decoration

Method of preparation:

Prepare the cream: egg yolk mixed in water in the ratio of one to one. Add condensed milk and Uvarov in a water bath to a creamy consistency. Cool and gradually, in several steps, type the cream into the pre-softened butter. All whisk and then add the vanilla sugar and chopped nuts.
Prepare the sponge cake: whisk eggs with sugar, at the end of whisking, add the softened butter. Mix all with fried nuts and sifted flour. Bake at 180C for 45 minutes in the form in diameter 22 see
Ready sponge cake cut into two cake, glue the cake layers with cream, the top of the cake Soglasiye melted chocolate mixed with butter. Through the stencil with powdered sugar draw the pie. Boca sprinkle biscuit crumbs. Cake “crane” is ready!

Biscuit cake "Dream"
Cake from profiteroles)