Cake cookies

The biscuit cake – this cake is made without baking, very tender and tasty treat, is also useful because organic foods. Cake cookies is a cake find for weekend.
This cake is one of the best cakes fast food and cooking without baking and it’s true. We tried a lot of cakes and this was the best. Also sour cream and cottage cheese make a cake out of biscuits and still useful. Recommended.

For the preparation you will need products:
Cookies 72 pieces,
cottage cheese – 500 gr.,
sour cream 20% — 500 gr.,
butter – 100 gr.,
1 Cup of milk.

Method of preparation:
Folded tightly cookies, 3×4.
With a mixer blend sour cream, cottage cheese and softened butter.
Cookies dip in milk, spread in a single layer, and the top paramasivam cooked cream, and so on until you run out of cookies or cream.
The biscuit cake is ready, before submitting it on the table, you need to let it brew, at least 5 hours. I can honestly say that I could not wait much time, but the recipe includes the recipe and of course it is advisable to stick to it.

Bon appétit!

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