Cake “Chocolate Koha”


for sponge cake:

●eggs – 4 PCs
●sugar – 1.5 cups.
●milk – 1 C.
●oil raises. – 2/3 cups.
●cocoa – 3 tbsp
●baking powder – 10 g
●flour – 3 cups.
●vanilla – 1 packet

for the cream:

●condensed milk – 1 Bank
●oil drain. – 180 gr
●milk chocolate – 100 g



Eggs beat well with a mixer until fluffy foam, add sugar and vanilla, continuing to whisk.

Then in the egg mixture pour the milk and vegetable oil.

Sifted flour mixed with cocoa and baking powder, in small portions stir in the liquid mixture while continuing to mix with a mixer.

Pour the batter into a greased form.

Bake in oven at 180* for about an hour. I baked it in multiservice (open valve) 55 minutes (after baking the lid is not opened). (my power 1000W multi).

For the cream whip the softened butter with condensed milk and add melted chocolate.

The finished cake to cool, cut into 3 pieces (or 4) and use the cream. To give the cake to soak.

Decorate as desired.

Enjoy your tea!

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