Cake “Chocolate cherry”

You will need

– 6 eggs

– 180 g chocolate
– 80 g butter
– 300 g of sugar
– 100 g flour
– 65 g starch
– 0.5 tsp soda
– pinch of salt
– 1 liter of sour cream
– 0.5 liters of cherry juice
– 10 g gelatin

Bake the sponge cake. The butter and the chocolate melt on the steam bath. Mix sugar with egg yolks and whisk. Connect with creamy chocolate mass. Add the baking soda, starch and flour.
With a mixer, whisk whites and salt until resistant foam. Pour protein mixture into the batter and mix thoroughly. Pour in the form and put in preheated oven to 180 degrees and bake for about 50-55 minutes until Golden brown. Remove from oven, cool and cut into three equal parts.
Make the cream. Soak gelatin in cold water. Bring to boiling cherry juice, add 100 g of sugar, 4 tablespoons of starch. Pour the gelatin into the mass and stir to dissolve. Remove from heat and let it cool.
Beat with a mixer sour cream to cool the foam. Pour in the cream in a thin stream and stir the jelly until smooth.
Take the form and cover it with foil. Pour 1/3 part of the cream and put the first Korzh, again the cream and the cake. Do this one more time. Close wrap the cake and store in the refrigerator until fully cured, overnight or for 8-10 hours. Remove the cake and invert it onto a plate.

A birthday cake for teen girl
The chocolate in the boiling water

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