Cake “Caramel”

eggs 5 PCs cream fatty 320 ml
butter 130 g mascarpone 250 g

flour 1-Cup. the baking powder 0.5 tsp.
sweetened condensed milk 3/4 cans sugar 400 g
“Cake “Caramel”” – cooking – step 1
Step 1:

Eggs should be divided into whites and yolks. Whisk the egg whites into a fluffy foam
“Cake “Caramel”” – cooking – step 2
Step 2:

Whisk the yolks with the sugar (1 C) to lush white mass
“Cake “Caramel”” – cooking – step 3
Step 3:

Add flour and baking powder and continue to whisk
“Cake “Caramel”” – cooking – step 4
Step 4:

In the yolk mass gently with spatula vymeshivaem proteins. Should get a fluffy dough
“Cake “Caramel”” – cooking – step 5
Step 5:

The dough is put in the bowl multivarki, previously greased with butter. Put on the Baking mode – 40 minutes (guided by the power of its multi).
“Cake “Caramel”” – cooking – step 6
Step 6:

When ready, take out the biscuits using a grid for steam and allow it to cool.
“Cake “Caramel”” – cooking – step 7
Step 7:

While cake cools, make the caramel sauce. In a saucepan, melt the sugar (200 gr)
“Cake “Caramel”” – cooking – step 8
Step 8:

To heat sugar to gently, because its easy to burn through. Constantly mix with a spoon or whisk (I melted on low heat)
“Cake “Caramel”” – cooking – step 9
Step 9:

Once sugar has melted, place the butter, actively stir and remove from heat
“Cake “Caramel”” – cooking – step 10
Step 10:

Immediately pour in the cream (120 g) in a thin stream, mixing up simultaneously with a whisk.
“Cake “Caramel”” – cooking – step 11
Step 11:

Should get a homogeneous, smooth mass. Pour caramel sauce in a jar, allow to cool at room temperature. Then refrigerate.
“Cake “Caramel”” – cooking – step 12
Step 12:

Prepare the cream. Cream (200 gr) whisk until peaks. I have a rustic cream, so a fixer for cream I do not add
“Cake “Caramel”” – cooking – step 13
Step 13:

In the cream, add mascarpone, whisk
“Cake “Caramel”” – cooking – step 14
Step 14:

Track should be mixed with condensed milk. The cream is ready
“Cake “Caramel”” – cooking – step 15
Step 15:

The cooled sponge cake cut into 3 parts. For fans of wet cakes can be impregnated cakes. I made the impregnation of cocoa (1 Cup water – 2 tsp of child cocoa and sugar to taste). Once the cake is soaked in, apply a layer of caramel sauce
“Cake “Caramel”” – cooking – step 16
Step 16:

Then put the cream on. And so all 3 cakes.
Roll the cake with the cream and pour on top of caramel sauce.
“Cake “Caramel”” – cooking – step 17
Step 17:

Allow the cake to stand up to the cream to harden. The next day the cake was more tender.
The cake is ready – enjoy your tea.

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