● 1 tbsp. sugar
● 1,25 tbsp. sour cream

● 200 g soft butter
● 2 tbsp. flour
● 2 eggs
● 1 pack. baking powder

For the cream:
● 2,5-3 tbsp. fat sour cream
● 2,5 tbsp. sugar

Knead the dough, divide into 2 parts. First add 1-1,5 tbsp. flour. Second – 2 tsp. cocoa and 1-1,5 tbsp. flour Should have a soft dough that you can roll into a pellet . From each type of dough roll out 4 tortillas and bake. About 5-8 minutes each. White cakes should slightly zarumyanitsya, note the time and the same will bake a brown cake.

For the cream mix sour cream with sugar and whisk. Finished cakes cool slightly, if need to trim the excess (I usually put the lid from the pan and cut) and while they are still warm (not hot) immediately apply cream, alternating white and chocolate cakes. Optionally, you can pour the finished cake with chocolate icing. Leave for a couple of hours on the table to be impregnated.

Cheesecake matcha from Causee Cortez