Banana cake “Monkey”

This cake we did together with my daughter. Got a funny monkey face. Particularly pleased with the child the abundance of delicate and airy cream. The cake turned out very light and sweet!

Description of preparation:

Bake a cake, let it cool down, cut into cakes. Make the cream. Decorate the cake in the form of a monkey, decorate, let your imagination. Good luck!

Sugar — 150 Grams
Egg — 2 Pieces
Vegetable oil — 100 Ml
Milk — 100 Ml
Flour — 1.5 Cups
Vanilla — to taste
Cocoa powder — 1 Tbsp. spoon
Soda — 1 teaspoon (quenching)
Banana — 2 Pieces (one for garnish, one to the cake)
Strawberry jam — 0.5 Cup (to soak the cake)
Sour cream 21% — 400 Grams (cream)
Thickener for cream — 1 Piece (packaging)
Powdered sugar — 3 teaspoons (cream)
Coconut flakes — 1 teaspoon (for decoration)

Number of servings: 8

How to make “Banana cake “Monkey””
Prepare products for the cake.
Take a deeper container for whipping. Put the eggs and sugar.
Beat with a mixer before formation of a light air mass.
Add cocoa powder, flour and vanilla. Continue to work with a mixer.
At the end add the baking soda, will extinguish it with vinegar. Again whisk the batter. The mass should be homogeneous and air.
Pour the batter into a greased pan multivarki.
Install into the machine pan, select the mode “Baking”, cooking time is 45-50 minutes.
The sponge cake is ready.
Remove it from the slow cooker, let it cool.
Whisk the cream with the thickener and powdered sugar until creamy. The cream turned thick and sour cream need good cooling.
Dish cover paper (two halves). Sponge cake cut into two parts (along). Put the cake. Impregnate jam or sugar syrup.
Lubricate most of the cream.
Lay on a layer of chopped slices of banana.
The second layer will be processed in the form of a muzzle of a monkey.
Put the cake on top. A place for the eyes and mouth fill with cream.
Second banana cut into pieces to make “the nose” down “muzzle”, etc. the connection complete the cakes using a pastry bag with the cream.
The cake is ready! These cakes don’t keep long, because saveresults bananas.

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