A compilation of recipes of cake “Napoleon”

1. Cake “Napoleon” in the pan


For the dough:
– 1.5 cups of milk
– 200 g butter
– 1 Cup sugar
– 2 eggs
– 1 tablespoon vegetable oil
– 0.5 teaspoon of baking soda to extinguish in vinegar
– pinch of salt
– flour (about 2 kg)

For the cream:
– 2 cups milk
– 4 eggs
– 1.5 cups of sugar
– 600 g butter
– 1 Bank of condensed milk
– vanilla

Dough: Knead the dough average consistency, divided into 20-22 parts. Depends on the diameter of the pan! Roll out thin cakes and fry in a pan with 2 sides under the cover.

The finished cakes should be covered with a towel so as not to dry up because they are thin.

Cream: Milk, bring to a boil, pour the mass of eggs and sugar. Cook until the eggs curdle. Then this mass is cooled, add the oil, beat well to weight has increased in two and add condensed milk and vanilla.

Grease cream cakes. From “scrap” from the cake make crumbs for topping sides. Top just smear cream and all.

The cake is best done the day before the celebration, then he manages well to soak up.

2. Old Napoleon

Now bake the Napoleons in a simplified version, and the old recipe of Napoleon’s forgotten completely. But Napoleon should be very much thin cakes soaked in cream. Suggest to remember and enjoy the taste of real Napoleon.

Prepare two tests:

1st dough:

●1 pack of margarine to melt and mix with 1 Cup flour.

2nd dough:
●1 Cup sour cream whipped with 2 eggs
●1.2 cups of flour + 0.5 cups podsypku
Knead the dough…

and cut it into 6 pieces.


Each piece thinly roll out and spread with 1 test. Smeared all the cakes to lay down (one on top of another, so you can spread it) and twist roll. To put it into a bag and put in the refrigerator overnight ( 12 hours).

Cut the roll crosswise into 18 to 20 parts up to a thickness of 1.5 cm Half hide in the fridge, and the rest very thinly roll out. The cakes were smoother, edges can be cut with the plates.

Bake cakes alternately on the pan (dry, not oiled) in a strongly heated oven. Skin care quickly. 1.5-2 minutes on one side, turn over and again 1.5-2 minutes.

Remove from the pan and put a pile on a plate. Cropping is also to bake. Then do the same with the second half of the dough.

Prepare the cream. 2-3 tbsp flour, mix with 1.5 cups of sugar and fall asleep in the boiling milk (0.5 liters). Kneaded to be thickened, and allowed to cool. Then whisk this mixture with 300 g of oil.

Paramasivam cakes with cream, top and sides sprinkle with broken scraps and crumbs from the cakes and put the cake in the fridge for 12 hours to soak. In this Napoleon 18 cakes!

Bon appetit!

3. The ORIGINAL NAPOLEON CAKE(half an hour)


Puff without yeast dough – 1 pack 0.5 kg


Eggs – 3pcs,
butter – 200g,
milk – 250ml,
flour – CL,
sugar – 100gr,
boiled condensed milk – 300ml

Dough preparation:

Puff dough out onto powdered with flour cutting Board.
If it is frozen, wait until become soft.
If the dough is in the form of a thick brick, then roll it to a thickness of 4~5mm.
If the dough is in the form of plates, their roll out is not necessary. But I still unrolled.
Cut the dough into squares with side length 2~3cm.
It is most convenient to cut the dough round pizza cutter.

The pan should cover with baking paper and arrange the squares of dough so they do not touch each other. Bake until bright Browning at t=200~220|C.
Remove from the oven and allow to cool to warm.
A little baked squares to wait for further cake decoration.
The remaining squares to pour in a large pot or bowl. Slightly mash the baked dough to about a quarter of the volume crumbled to pieces.

If you have a blender, then fold into the bowl of eggs, boiled condensed milk, sugar, flour. Pour in the milk.
Whisk into a homogeneous mass. Pour into a saucepan. The pot with the weight put on medium or high heat and with constant stirring, bring to a creamy consistency. The cream should get thick semolina. In hot cream put the butter and stir so that the oil spreads evenly. For more delicate texture of the cream it can beat a blender or mixer.
Hot cream pour into a container with baked and mashed dough puff squares.Stir very carefully.
Shape better than a square or rectangular inside lay a foil or baking paper can polyethylene film. Put trading weight, slightly stamping her that no air pockets. Allow to cool to room temperature and then refrigerate.
Pending the squares to knead into crumbs.
Cake remove from the form and release from foil (paper, film).Roll the cake in crumbs.When submitting cut the cake for not thick pieces. If the shape of the square such a beautiful cake when cutting.



2 tbsp. flour
200 g of CL. oil,
200 gr of sour cream,
a pinch of salt.
I take another half of this norm all the products to once the cake was sprinkled.

CREAM is best here come the custard – tender and not fatty.


On the Board pour the flour, put the chilled butter cut into small pieces and it is all finely chopped with a knife. Then in flour make a hole and pour in sour cream, a little salt and knead the dough. Of dough make a ball and put into the fridge for a few hours. Before baking roll and fold, roll out again and fold 2-3 times. ALL our dough is ready.
To share about 4-5-6 cakes (as it will) and bake in the oven 180 gr. 30 minutes.

While baked cakes, make cream
1/2 liter of milk,
1 Cup of cold milk,
2-3 tbsp flour,
2 eggs,
1.5 cups of sugar,
150 g plums.oil,

Beat eggs with sugar, add 1 Cup of cold milk and flour, whisk. Pour this mixture into the boiling 1/2 liter of milk.
Cook until thick, stirring constantly, but do not boil. Remove from heat, cool, whip with soft butter and vanilla. Optionally, in the cream add 2-3 tablespoons of brandy (optional)
Finished cakes remove from the oven and allow to cool. Then fluff the cream. Edge I didn’t cut – they are very broken. Put the cake in the cold for the night. In the morning cut the edges and sprinkle the remaining crumbs from the test. You can top sprinkle – mix crumbs with finely chopped nuts.

5. Cake “Napoleon”


The cake turns out great
-5 cups flour (+)
-400 grams of margarine
1 Cup (250 ml) milk
-2 cups of milk
-250 grams of butter
-3 egg yolks
-2 article sugar + 3 tablespoons
-3 tbsp flour


Grind margarine with flour
Pour the milk and knead the dough
Divide into 14 pieces and 30 minutes in the fridge
To get the dough,roll out circles on 28 cm and bake at 200 5-7 minutes
Crop bake and grind into crumbs for coating the sides and top of cake
RUB the yolks with 3 tbsp sugar+ 3 tbsp flour,add a little milk until smooth (like jelly)
The remaining milk to boil with sugar,add milk and honey mass and stirring bring to the boil
Whip butter,connecting with custard to lush and soft consistency
Cakes to spread with cream
To lay down one-on-one
On top of the cake to put a plate with cargo and refrigerator
In the morning RUB the cream on the sides (cream will perform under load), sprinkle crumbs.

6. Napoleon


2 eggs,
150 ml of water,
300 g butter,
1/2 tbsp vinegar 9%,
salt on the tip of a knife,
600 g of flour.

1 liter of milk,
400 grams of sugar,
1 sachet of vanilla,
7-8 egg yolks (but I think you can just 4 eggs)
100 g of flour.


Dilute water with vinegar and mix. Beat 2 eggs. Mix the eggs with water and vinegar. Add salt. Mix. With a knife or grater to shred the butter. On the table (or in a large bowl) pour the flour on top put butter. Chopped with a knife. Make a well and pour in the egg mixture (carefully, it can run away). We ran, and we caught him in four hands ))
Knead the dough. Divide the dough into 12 pieces, form balls, put on plate and cover with cling film. To remove an hour in the fridge.
While the balls are in the fridge – cook the cream. Liter of milk bring to a boil. Egg yolks to grind with sugar and vanilla sugar. Add the flour, mix well. Mix the mixture with milk. Over low heat, stirring constantly, bring to thickening. The dough balls roll out very thin on parchment paper. Attach form (the lid from the pan, plate) and along the contour cut the excess pastry. Future to prick the cake with a fork (to prevent the cake when baking is not swollen). Leave the excess pastry on the parchment and also bake. The cake bake at 180 degrees for about 7-10 minutes, until Golden brown.
Each cake to grease cream. Also lubricate the top and sides of cake. Crop to collect. Grind with a pestle or in a blender. Sprinkle the top of the cake and put the cake Napoleon for 5-7 hours in the fridge. Enjoy your tea!

Live and learn. I was never able to transfer thin cakes on a baking sheet. Until I read the advice to roll out right on parchment paper and into an oven and.

Cakes work toovercome, quickly baked and quickly soaked.

Bon appetit!

7. The fastest and delicious cake recipe “Napoleon”

Recipe from the home collection
Servings: 12-14


For cake:
● flour 4 cups (a Cup volume of 0.25 l) or 600-650 g
● margarine/butter 350 g
● water 150 ml
● egg 2 PCs.
● vinegar 6% 1 tablespoon
● salt 1/8 tsp.

For the cream:
● milk-3 Cup (Cup volume of 0.25 l)
● sugar 1.5 Cup (Cup volume of 0.25 l)
● egg 6 PCs.
● flour 3 tbsp (heaped)
● Spezia: vanilla to taste


1.Cakes. In cold water, add vinegar and mix well. Beat the eggs. Add to the beaten eggs, vinegar, water and salt, mix well. Cold oil grate. Sift the flour on the table and add the oil. The flour and butter chop with a knife. In the resulting mass make a well in the centre and pour in the egg mixture. Knead the dough. Divide the dough into 10-12 equal parts and refrigerate for 1 hour.
2.Preheat oven, 180C.
3. Remove the dough from the refrigerator and roll out each ball on parchment paper as thin as possible (better get the dough 2-3 balls, when they are ready, get a following). Cut out a circle of dough (you can use any lid) with a diameter of 24-26 cm remove trim. The resulting circles prick with a fork. Bake each cake until Golden brown about 12 to 17 minutes. Allow the cakes to cool.
4.Cream. Mix sugar, eggs and flour. Add cold milk. Mix thoroughly. Put on a slow fire. Bring to a boil (do not boil) stirring constantly with a wooden spatula. In the finished cream, add the vanilla. Cool.
5. Liberally smear the cake cream. Put on and lubricate it liberally with cream. Collect the whole cake. The sides and top coat with cream. Trimming grind using a blender or by hand. Sprinkle the sides and top of cake crumbs.

Put the cake in the refrigerator at least 12 hours. Cakes this cake is quite hard, so it’s best to stick to this rule, bake it the day before and give it a good soak.

Bon appetit)

8. “Napoleonist Napoleon” (with almonds, apricots and prunes)

This very delicious cake for those who never have enough time!


The dough is ready puff pastry 6 sheets (3 packs)
Sour cream – 500 g
Cream ( for whipping) – 1 l
Sugar – 2 cups
Apricot and prunes (dried) sweet 300 g
Almonds – 100 g


1. To bake 6 cakes to cool.
2.Cream: 500 gr. sour cream and 1 Cup sugar beat with a mixer.
3. 1 liter of cream for the cream mixer and whip until peaks then gradually add 1 Cup sugar to mixer and whip.
4. Then connect the two creams together , add sour cream in small portions, continuing to whisk, add vanilla.
5. Cooled cakes coat with cream liberally.
6. Between 3 and 4 layers of cream sprinkle chopped apricots and prunes. Top cake decorate with crumbs and generously sprinkle with almonds. The cake turned out super-tasty, TENDER and most importantly, fast.

Bon appetit!


Today I wanted to share my version of the recipe raspberry Napoleon, but from the classic cake with custard he is far, rather, it kind of mixed with the Milf. We hope you enjoy this version of the famous cake, even if you’re not a big fan.

You will need:


flour — 400 g
sour cream — 200 g
butter — 200 g
salt — 0,5 tsp


mascarpone cheese — 350 g
sweetened whole condensed milk — 250 g
cream 33% — 35% — 350 g
vanilla to taste


Malina — 200 g
sugar — 40 g

How to prepare:

1. Softened butter, sour cream, salt and flour to mix and knead homogeneous dough.
Send the dough for an hour in the fridge.
Chilled dough is divided into 8 parts and roll out each to a thin cake.
Bake each cake at 180C for about 5 minutes, until the cake will not turn brown and crisp.
While the cake is hot, cut a circle of the desired diameter, and trimming can be left for decoration.

2. Raspberries (can use frozen) mix with sugar, cover and put on low heat until the berries let the juice and the sugar dissolves.

3. For the cream whip mascarpone, gradually adding the condensed milk and vanilla.
In a separate bowl, which is kept in the freezer for about 10 minutes, whip the cream until fluffy state. Stir in whipped cream to the mascarpone cream and condensed milk.

4. In assembling the cake roll raspberry cake syrup, then spread cream and so until then ,until the cakes will not end)
As for the decor, you can use the classic way and sprinkle the cake crumbs from scraps, but you can liberally lubricated cream cake, decorate with fresh flowers, raspberries and sprig of mint.

Well, a bit of hard time with cakes, but everything else was just, agree. By the way, I pointed out that the number of products for the cream, which is more than enough abundantly to impregnate. After a night in the fridge, cake will find the taste that I can recommend. Fresh and a little salty cakes, sweet vanilla cream and the acidity of impregnation will make every eaten a piece of nice, mmmm)

Bon appetit!

10. NAPOLEON cake recipe Irina Khlebnikov.


For the dough:
300 + 90 g flour
100 g of sugar
120 g butter
120 g sour cream
2 eggs
salt, soda – pinch

For the cream:
500 + 125 ml milk
1 egg
200 grams of sugar
2 tbsp with slide flour
250 g good quality butter at room t


300 g flour sift into a large bowl.
Add sugar, salt, soda and chopped cubes of cold butter.
All mix and RUB with fingers into crumbs.
In the center of the flour crumbs make a hole, add sour cream, beat eggs, stir and knead the dough.
** In the process of kneading as needed add the flour (I added 90 g, but you might need slightly more/less).

** Knead the dough quickly. Don’t have long to knead – knead, otherwise it will be delayed and the cakes will turn out too dense. The main thing here is to achieve uniformity.
And of course to monitor the consistency – the dough should be very soft and at the end of the dough should not stick to your hands.

Divide the dough into 16 pieces. Very convenient to do on the scales.

** Of course, you can well do without weights, but believe me, purchasing the weighing greatly save your time when rolling.

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